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Looking for a broker with proprietary online trading platform that allows you to determine quantities for SL and TP

Hi to all the trading gurus here, can anyone please help me out?
I'm looking for another broker with an online trading platform that specifically allows you (at the moment you place a trade, not afterwards) to determine the quantity of your SL and of your 1st Take Profit for the purpose of scaling out.
Referring to my screenshot, let's say I'm placing a 20,000 unit trade. For my initial SL, I set it at 20,000 quantity at whatever pips loss. No issues here and it's very standard.
For my TP1, to scale out by 50%, I would sell/buy 10,000 from my original 20,000. I DON'T have to place a separate countertrade at 50% later in order to scale out as my TP1 and then move my SL to breakeven. This feature lets you do it from the start. Other platforms that I have demo'ed don't allow you to set the TP1 at 50% of the position's initial volume.
I have tried Saxo, CTrader, Markets.com, IG, PLus500, XTB, FxPro, Oanda, Etoro, Dukascopy, CMC Markets, XM, FXCM, and a few others. None of them has this exact feature. Can anyone else let me know which other FX online platform has this feature?
Please don't ask me to stick to MT4/MT5 because I really hate their UI/UX/U-whatever. It's why I'm hunting for good online trading platforms that have the stuff I need.
I can only see the feature I've described on FOREX.com. And it also has all the indicators I use in my algorithm for FX.
But to be safe and diversify my funds, I'd like to use another trading platform similar to my current one.
Thanks much in advance, I appreciate the advice yeah
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XM’s Forex demo accounts offer FX traders the opportunity to learn more about the trading platform, as well as to get familiar with the different types of orders and trading conditions they offer. They also help FX traders get a feel for trading and market dynamics to avoid basic and unnecessary trading mistakes that might trigger avoidable losses. XMデモ口座開設~MT4 MT5ダウンロード、インストール、ログイン、取引までの手順を解説します。XMTradingデモ口座を開設し、MT4 M5ダウンロードすれば、海外FXハイレバ取引をノーリスクで体験出来ます。MT4 M5は最も人気のある海外FXプラットフォームです。 XM MT4 is a platform that allows you to trade Forex, Futures and CFDs. You can analyze the markets through a complete technical analysis package and streaming market news. You can also trade manually or set up expert advisors that can automatically place orders for you. Open a demo account and access multiple MT4 and MT5 trading platforms instantly. Start with a $100,000 virtual balance and trade the instruments of your choice. Open a demo MetaTrader 4 account at FOREX.com. FOREX.com is a registered FCM and RFED with the CFTC and member of the National Futures Association (NFA # 0339826). วิธีเปิดบัญชีทดลอง XM Global ใช้ฝึกเทรด Forex บนแพลตฟอร์ม MT4 สำหรับผู้เริ่มต้น เทรดบนคอมฯและมือถือด้วยบัญชีเดียวกัน . วิธีเปิดบัญชีทดลอง XM Global หรือ เปิด ... Enter your real or demo account login data; XM MT4 Tutorials. XM MT4 Main Features. Works with Expert Advisors, built-in and custom indicators ; 1 Click Trading; Complete technical analysis with over 50 indicators and charting tools; Built-in help guides for MetaTrader4 and Metaquotes Language 4; Handles a vast number of orders; Creates various custom indicators and different time periods ... How do I open a XM demo account? XM demo forex Open forex a demo account. Click Open Demo Get account number and password. Download MetaTrader 4 and log in to it using the received data. Start forex trading on demo account. How do I log into my XM demo? Steps Now you will be... Metatrader 4 (MT4) Warum ist XM MT4 besser? XM pionierte das Angebot einer MT4-Plattform mit Trading-Ausführung Qualität im Auge. Handel auf MT4 ohne Anführungszeichen, keine Ablehnungen mit flexibler Hebelwirkung von 1: 1 bis 888: 1.. XM MT4 Eigenschaften Über 300 Instrumente einschließlich Forex, CFDs und Futures . 1 Single Login Zugang zu 8 Plattformen Irgendwann kommt man im Laufe der Trading-Karriere unweigerlich in die Situation mit dem MT4 umgehen zu müssen. Die Eröffnung eines XM.com Demo-Accounts ist kostenlos. Das Demokonto wird mit 5.000.000 Euro Spielgeld gefüllt. Es kann unbegrenzt genutzt werden, wird allerdings nach 120 Tagen Inaktivität gelöscht.

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